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Wild Wild WeddingWild Wild Wedding

Wild Wild Wedding

In July Spor Klübü was honored as one of seven project spaces by Berlin’s cultural administration for special commitment and continuous work and presented with…

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0.30402944246776265. Darknet im Wedding0.30402944246776265. Darknet at Wedding

0.30402944246776265. Darknet at Wedding

Cryptography, the science of encryption of information, is entering mainstream now. Since everybody knows about permanent and total surveillance yet, the topic of encryption is…

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Premiere von Porson´s Khashoggi im Dock 11Premiere of Porson´s Khashoggi at Dock 11

Premiere of Porson´s Khashoggi at Dock 11

Three greek dancers Xenia Alexandrou, Matina Kokolaki and Andrea Dorian Rama met since 2007 and have been working together since 2010. On Friday their piece…

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