At Yorckbrücken, on the Schöneberg side at Mansteinstrasse, you could experience wonderful nights at Ex’n’Pop. Or it was exceptional music or just asleep on the counter, you never got kicked out. Not even by Blixa Bargeld, who at that time mimed the bouncer. However, that was still in the days when Schöneberg was not populated by gays voting for Merkel and Green supporters paying condo rates. Schöneberg at that time was anything but civil, it was pretty fucked up to be correct.


Eventually the Ex’n’Pop inherited then the spaces of KOB at Potse. Although there are still hookers around, this area is now full of galleries and accordingly in a state of flux. The Ex’n’Pop, together with Kumpelnest3000, remains one of the last reserves for dignified drunkenness and decent music. It is still a Berlin refuge for artists and night owls. It is pretty strict but very hearty, too. You will be left alone and perhaps just therefore you easily get plugged into a conversation.

Now this institution is 30, and Christiane Ebel, the Manager of the bar, and Ilia Castellanos already decided in May to celebrate this ancient and proud West Berlin location. By no means this is a nostalgic programme, but a natural blend of literature, cinema, concerts, parties and performances.

First, the programme heads were obtained: Claudius Hagemeister for literature, Uli M Schüppel for cinema series and Anja Ibsch for performance evenings. Since music in Ex’n’Pop always is the overarching and unifying element, the own claim was resolved quickly with MDK (Mekanik Destruktïw Kommandöh), Wolfgang Müller (The Deadly Doris), Christoph Dreher (The skin) and Dr. Motte (Praxxiz).

But not everyone can be there, because schedules were already too full: Harry Hass, Blixa Bargeld, Sven Regner or Gudrun Gut unfortunately could not make it to enrich the programme in October. Maybe they might attend standing at the counter and maintain old rituals.

The entire anniversary programme runs totally on a donation basis, since such a small place like Ex’n’Pop cannot even dream about negotiating fees with Westbam. But there he is, simply because he combines best memories with Ex’n’Pop.

Saturday, October 11th from 21:00:
Concert: MDK – Mekanik Destrüktiw Kommandöh


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30 years Ex’n’Pop