Cryptography, the science of encryption of information, is entering mainstream now. Since everybody knows about permanent and total surveillance yet, the topic of encryption is gaining importance. Combined with self-organizing machines which imitate the human brain as a kind of neurons, all this sounds pretty high tech. But we are not hanging out in bug-proof secure areas of the NSA or the BKA, but in a gallery.

0.30402944246776265. Krypto DarkNet & Künstliche Intelligenz

Since 2007, Organ Kritischer Kunst focuses on cultural and social issues. The two rooms and a small bar at Prinzenstrasse in Wedding have nothing on imposing White Cubes, here content is king. Today the installation 0.30402944246776265 by Mindaugas Gapševičius is showed, or better it´s user interface. Dots represent the individual computers which are all over the place. They sit on the floor, on boards, keyboards scattered in front of them. And these are no posh PowerMacs, but just normal computers, not the latest models. But they work, they interact on the basis of JAVA sending around encrypted data packets. When a computer detects the encryption of a package on another computer, these two get connected. Without human intervention, without any previously written protocol, without any routers and servers.

It all looks rather unspectacular. Fortunately Mindaugas is present and keen to explain in detail what really makes this presentation, which he uses for his doctoral thesis. Because new and perhaps very important things for the future take place here. It is about nothing less than the self-organization of machines in a network. They form clusters of information based on Freenet. This leads to a darknet, which in contrast to the Internet do not need any connection to outside lines and is not based on any protocols. Accordingly, it is not to locate and not to crack. The nightmare of all intelligence services. Granted, this all sounds very technical and pretty complicated. And it surely is. Even Mindaugas admits to not fully understand all of it. And he has been working on this project for the past three years. His goal is to come closer to artificial intelligence. Until machines perhaps can no longer be decoded by humans?

OKK / Raum29 Gallery
Prinzenallee 29
13359 Berlin

Next opening 29.08. at 7pm: Gefahrengebiet (danger zone)


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0.30402944246776265. Darknet at Wedding