We were pretty well prepared. Cold beer in the fridge, yet digesting some delicious zucchini risotto. The game could start. ZDF, the 2nd german television channel, showed the World Cup semifinals Germany vs. Brazil live in it´s stream, or at least announced so. But then, when the game started, there was just …. some black background. And it was not some fault of the browser, and the modem was fine, too. All other webpages showed up easily. Only the live broadcast on ZDF was not running. This should not happen in times of mandatory broadcast levy. Maybe the 2nd german channel was just unable to envision millions of users on their laptops?

Various Russian streams did not show up successfully, either. There was yet enthusiastic screaming in the streets, and firecrackers exploded everywhere. We missed a goal! Help was delivered by the ZDF app on the phone. Just in time to see the very 6 minutes. Very sharp, steady stream, but on the small screen only. 6 Minutes, coming with 4 goals, and all goals for Germany. Unbelievable. Incredible. But very true.

Foto: Carlotta Sennato

This time it´s not a summer fairy tale as it was in 2006. The World Cup happening in our own country these days, 80 million germans rediscovering their flag, Schland on everyone’s lips. But the team failing in the semifinals. This time we play the final, and absolutely convincing indeed. This time it´s not a fairy tale, to win the title is absolutely possible.

To watch the second half, ZDF still not streaming, we went down in the street where schwarzrotgold dressed heavy beer drinkers were chanting the national anthem and dropping firecrackers everywhere. In the opposite hookah bar the game was showed as well, but here there were no drunks who recognized some meaning in their miserable lives at last. Here the barmaid smiled friendly, even if she begrudged the Germans. There were very few Germans smoking the hookah, probably I was the only one without any immigration background, on this very evening sitting in the very bright light, staring at two giant flat screens. At some point even the arab hip hop was replaced by Béla Réthys voice, the original soundtrack of the game. Now everything here was original ZDF, too. In the end this incredible match ended 7:1. Since one hour the german team already knew, that there was another important game to play next Sunday. And yet they scored two more goals. Respect!

Immediately after the game reactions of italian and spanish friends rolled in, Merkel as the german Übermutter showing great popularity in these posts. She announced to travel to Rio and attend the dearly longed for final as the mascot of the team. I hope this won´t bring us bad luck.


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