It’s hot, the sun beats down, but in the park at Haus am Waldsee it is shady and cool. The view over the lake is enchanting, and I feel a bit of envy on the blonde drifting on her air mattress in the water.

Not swimming, but the art of the Biennal attracts here. So sit at the edge of the lake and keep waiting motionless whether the Shy Fountain by Simon Faithful is showing up. Announced as ephemeral, the fountain in the lake supposedly shows only if no viewer is present.

Slavs und Tatars, im Hintergrund zeigt sich Shy Fountain

In the background a faint buzzing noise, it sounds like some religious melodies, which dare not to step fully into the foreground. Because earlier, at the amphitheater of the beautiful park and a little further away from the shore of ther lake, the artists group Slavs and Tatars has installed two large speakers directly in the soil. Their sound again meets classic sound from the Haus am Waldsee itself, and to sit on the green and listen to those sounds transports something very pleasant and relaxed at this bright and sunny day. Yet I am drawn into the exhibition rooms, and if it´s only to discover the source of this classical music there.

The conservatory on the ground floor is one of the most beautiful rooms, flooded with light and very bright. But according to other visitors the sounds are coming from above, spread out over the open windows into the garden. The source is a video showing a very focused woman’s face. It is not clear at all what she is doing. But the work comes from Anri Sala, it looks like the making of of his other video showed in the Ethnological Museum. Here it doesn´t show the same, fascinating effect, there are to too many exhibits presented together in this single space.

The Haus am Waldsee takes effect particularly in it´s park, where the cube of Aisslinger is still standing in the same place and the organic plastic Outspan by Tony Cragg at the entrance is welcoming the visitors. And this staged peace is always worth a visit, not only in the context of the Biennial.


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Biennial at Haus am Waldsee
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