The MS Stubnitz was built in 1964 as a cooling and transport ship in Stralsund and converted to the world’s only mobile culture ship in 1992. On several decks, events from theatre, concerts to clubbing are possible. Long time the MS Stubnitz was based at her home port in Rostock, to break up from there to festivals in the Baltic Sea region. The MS Stubnitz visited Stockholm, London and many other port cities, to show a unique programme there.

MS Stubnitz Berlin Kicks

Today the event ship and maritime monument is located in Hamburg, where it is now docked up to class renewal in the Norderwerft. This is necessary to obtain the operating license for another 5 years. In dry dock inspections and maintenance are carried out, which, however, cannot be financed alone by the team of MS Stubnitz around the Swiss Urs Blaser, who everybody just call Blo.

Therefore, the MS Stubnitz team calls via Crowdfunding to provide financial support of the vessel that is recognised as a memorial ship since 2003. If successful, the MS Stubnitz can further offer an independent programme in the ports of the world until 2019!


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MS Stubnitz in dry dock