It is dark, two monitors flickering. Birds are chirping, traffic noise penetrates inside. Slowly, a person can be imagined, peels out of the darkness. A woman who acts as if she is just coming back to life. Slowly, painfully, she winds up half dressed and comes slowly to her feet. In the background, fallen off the table, there’s someone else. A man. Far away from her in this huge, high space, he also almost naked. Both act destroyed, each for himself, alone with his own reality.

Named After. Berlin Kicks

Although they find each other, they hardly are looking at each other. Both of them on his own, they know what happened yesterday. But it is not clear whether they have a common memory of this last night. Expressive, every single movement pretty focused, both enter slowly in this new day. Everybody for himself, but both together in a way. In one room, occasionally moving together. Or taking advantage of the other as a reinforcement of the own movement.

The dance of the two is getting faster to absolutely perfect synchronous steps. But both still remain distant. The sound composed of classical elements, sound snippets and electronics, brings this intense mood to the point. Variations and changes of rhythm without end, in music as well as dance. These abrupt transitions bring every variant, just becoming familiar, immediately to collapse. Whether at breakfast, which degenerates to almost slapstick, with short erotic allusions up to his departure. Because it’s her place to which they had both fled yesterday.

Named After. Berlin Kicks

Margaux Marielle Tréhouart and Elik Niv, who works with Constanza Macras and like her with Sasha Waltz, are showing in this dense, intense and immensely fascinating piece all reason and abyss of human desire, non-understanding and ultimately individual isolation. Well done!

Until August 3, each day starting at 20:30 at the Dock 11 at Kastanienallee.

By and with: Margaux Marielle Tréhouart, Elik NIV
Dramaturgy and production assistance: Katharina Lail

Tickets: 10.- Euro / reduced 8.- Euro


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Named After