Nikaya – Three guys with style
September 6, 2014 · by Christian Anslinger in · MUSIC · Edit

You know for sure all these posts showing up in your email inbox, for the max it´s possibkle to run over it briefly and then delete all this stuff easily. It’s not fair, I know, but this time I wanted to listen to unknown songs and decided to click on the link of Nikaya´s newest song Gloomy Posture on Soundcloud.

Foto: Kerstin Jasinszczak

The voice of Florian Kusch, rough and rousing, let me immediately listen properly. Without further other mails to read, I gave myself up entirely to this voice. Was that a romantic and obliquely beautiful voice from the distant past, from the glory days of grunge? But this voice came not from Seattle, not from the revelled 90s. It comes from Brandenburg of today, and is accompanied by a stoic urgent bass, played by Johannes Danker, and the quiet and very precise percussion by Julian Schütte.

A very rudimentary cast so, even if the singer plays the guitar and the piano in some pieces also. The three guys really go for it. They trust in their abilities and thus certainly go pretty far. It´s reduktion at it´s best, and thus more or less discovered by chance in an email! I’m already looking forward to the live gig at the Zwischenraum Festival next to Ostkreuz!

Nikaya live at Zukunft near Ostkreuz:
September 13 at Zwischenraum Festival, concert starts around 20:30

And October 03 at
30 Night – 30 Heroes – 30 Years Ex`n´Pop at Potse in Schöneberg


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Nikaya – 3 guys with style