Three greek dancers Xenia Alexandrou, Matina Kokolaki and Andrea Dorian Rama met since 2007 and have been working together since 2010. On Friday their piece Zeno and Nero has it´s premiere at Dock 11 in Berlin, after some fragments were shown at ZKM in Karlsruhe at Sasha Waltz’s New Choreographers Session last January. Berlin Kicks had the opportunity to meet all of them to a detailed conversation.

“How to show life and body and brings it to the stage.”

The play revolves around two politicians, just Zeno and Nero. A man and a woman. It could be a hypothetical lesson, which is about how to make myself the most ridiculous. Despite completely different experiences, because dance is of course pretty different to politics. However, there are also similarities between these two fields. It´s about how to bring with little movement to express the most. A politician moves for television, very reduced, with small gestures. In only two dimensions so. This can be a key element also in the dance, and it’s pretty easy.

Porson´s Khashoggi. Rehearsal at Dock11

Matina: It’s about the flow between the body and the spirit, the mind. A complex network, if you want to find out what the other person feels and thinks. This requires a neutral place, in which all the negative effects are excluded. This is the ideal. And that is why every show is different, because the ideal can only be approached. The conditions are always slightly shifted, never completely perfect.

We do not work with big ideas. We assume details, small incidents. This is the basis, and from this we develop everything else. The initiative thereby comes from each of us, there is no hierarchy or defined areas of work. None of us is only dancer or choreographer exclusively.

Xenia: But if you work, no matter at what level, you reach a result. Priority is always the piece, only then it comes to specific circumstances and conditions of production. And the result is constantly changing, it is always getting better, more concrete, without being influenced by a predetermined target.

Porson´s Khashoggi. Rehearsal at Dock11

The responsibility for only two dancers on stage is of course much higher than in a larger group, where there it´s always immediately about getting into hierarchies. There, for example, one can hide if he does not have such a good day. This is simply impossible with only two dancers. There is also no boss telling you how it should look like, what is beauty. We develop this beauty together, which is an ongoing process.

Since movement is quite abstract, for us there is no narrative as a base for us. All depends solely on the quality of the movement in space. And therefore there is also no perfect matches between two dancers, no absolute synchronicity, because people are simply different. This leads us to illusion, which is always about how to achieve with little effort the maximum result. The illusion of dance is to play at several levels simultaneously.

Andrea: Politics is the greatest illusion of all, it’s like a magician. We all know there is a trick to it. But the audience patiently awaits to be bullshitted. But we do not want to cheat anyone. We know that a system always starts to fall apart from the inside. Not by external influences. Therefore the audience, which is in relation to the piece on the outside, requires no special preparation. Only open mindedness and concentration.

These are clear statements. And they let us expect a very exciting and interesting evening. Everyone should therefore be as open and attentive as possible, not only next Friday at Dock 11 at Kastanienallee.

Company: Porson‘s Khashoggi
Choreography: Xenia Alexandrou, Andrea Dorian Rama
Dancers: Matina Kokolaki, Andrea Dorian Rama
Music: Momus

Schedules at DOCK 11:
To be shown 21, 22, 23 and 24.08.2014, respectively at 20:30
Tickets: 10 euros


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Premiere of Porson´s Khashoggi at Dock 11