Holiday time in Berlin, which still doesn´t mean the cease of any artistic programme. But it is definitely quieter during summer, many institutions are simply closed. Anyway, this year August offers something entirely new, namely the Project Space Festival. On the initiative of insitu, based at Kurfürstenstrasse, 30 very different project spaces will show a very heterogeneous programme on each day of the month. It’s also about what is a project space at all.

The kick-off was designed yesterday evening by Import Projects, a project space located at a huge mansion at the first floor of a stately old building. High ceilings, white walls; very tidy is the first impression. The first two rooms completely empty, but in the third room have already gathered about 100 summerly dressed young people in front of a video still. They showed up for the screening of Gonda, a film by Ursula Mayer which debates new narrative structures. It is very hot inside, but the international audience is highly concentrated.

Ausschnitt aus GONDA von Ursula Mayer
Excerpt from GONDA by Ursula Mayer

The film is about the limits of the medium film itself, which could be dismissed as experimental fashion film with feature elements at the first sight. Frequencies and dialogues mix on the acoustic level as well as interference and gestures on the visual. Gonda, partially filmed on the volcano Etna, negotiates the choice of the individual. And this both on a sexual level, which is already clear in the occupation of the transgender model Valentijn de Hingh in the foreground role – starring would be too much in this experimental film playing with pieces by no means – and on a philosophical level as well.


Choices, options specify a recurring theme at least in the consumer societies of the West. After the screening director Ursula Meyer was present to debate, of course in English, and to answer questions. The timeliness of the film realized in 2012 with its raised questions and apparent answers was here particularly clear again.

The festival’s programme is broad-based and accordingly variable, just like its distributed over the entire inner city as far as Dahlem. Like the concept of the project space itself, which is defined by its respective creators, each with their own visions. This concept might be certainly a little clearer at the end of the month, in all ist diversity. And the project spaces will be definitely better cross-linked within each other, and, it is to be desired at least, they will be better known and more accessible to a broader audience.

Project Space Festival: Programme to 31. August


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Project Space Festival: 30 rooms in August
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