In the former Kindl brewery in Neukölln all hell broke loose last night. A diversity of dressed up people crowded through the narrow entrance of the boiler hall with its 20 meters high ceiling, elegant suits and high heels were seen as well as defunct artist look and hipster posturing. The German-Swiss couple Burkhard Varnholt and Salome Grisard was finally able to open up parts of the since 2005 disused venue, and the opening got really spectacular.

Roman Signer Kindl Brauerei Berlin Kicks

Hailing also from Switzerland curator Andreas Fiedler, who takes care of the artistic program of the new cultural center in the former sleazy district, presented Kitfox Experimental by the Swiss artist Roman Signer. His yellow red, airworthy and approved aircraft seems to fall from the high ceiling of the white tiled space, which seems to be a cathedral perfectly fitting for this very sculpture.

For Fiedler, Roman Signer is one of the “most interesting contemporary sculptors, because his work goes beyond the traditional concept of sculpture”. Powered by two large and quite noisy fans, the aircraft slowly rotates around its own axis over the heads of the shuffling crowd busy with smalltalk and drinks. The plane does not crash, of course, but rotates steadily. It is therefore to be assumed that there is no allusion here to the Berlin airport disaster where so apparently nothing is happening at all.

But even in the Kindl brewery not everything is going as expected. Actually yesterday was also the 7-storey tower and one 3-storey engine house to be opened, but this had to be postponed in some way. The machine room, which has 1,200 square meters, will be used for monographic and thematic exhibitions, workshops for artists in residency will be in the tower.

Only the spectacular brewhouse, equipped with six huge copper pans, was to enter yesterday. Here, a caterer will take care of the guests from all over the world, but it seems no Swiss specialties are offered in the café.

Roman Signer Kindl Brauerei Berlin Kicks

Also how far art has become pop yet was worked out yesterday in a very nice short interlude. A white suit with sunglasses and megaphone, shielded by bodyguards in black suits and sunglasses, floated into the boiler room, and and attracted photographers and the audience. New York Style Celebrity flair in Neukölln! Just who was the man who staged himself so skillfully and confidently? Postcards with Micky Klose appeared suddenly, but did you ever try to look up Micky + Klose at google?


Roman Signer: Kitfox experimental until June 28, 2015

KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst
Am Sudhaus 2
12053 Berlin


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