Berlin is booming, and as a result real estate prices are rising. This in turn means that fallow land disappears and is built on as soon as possible. But still you can find some free space even in Mitte, one at the corner Invaliden and Ackerstraße, e.g. There, an unusual construction is somewhat hidden behind the glass containers. It is a cube that is not meant for Europe. The solar kiosk is in fact a piece of infrastructure. Simple and composed of lightweight parts, it is already present in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Botswana. Especially in remote areas where power supply is non-existent.

Now one of these kiosks appears right in Mitte. You can theoretically charge mobile phones and laptops here. It serves as a Spätkauf, too, and will be here until September 29. Until then, the small, somewhat overgrown garden directly behind is the terrain of Little Wood. Workshops on urban gardening, cooking classes and concerts take place here. It feels a bit like in the 90s, when everything was improvised. But of course a well thought-out concept is lying beyond now, allowing the “sensory experience” of urban “nature”.

Every day you can share information on relevant topics, and after nightfall the solar kiosk brightens the area. Today Food Court is on, where Carson Chan presents regional cuisine from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and even Tibet. It is therefore to expect an interesting event with many varieties of delicious food, all presented in a relaxed atmosphere and ecologically absolutely correct. This is certainly just the right thing for Berlin Mitte!

LittleWood with Solarkiosk