Last weekend in the culturally thriving districts of Wedding and Moabit a cultural festival took place for the second time. At over 150 locations, culture was shown in the broadest sense, even in such unusual places such as the stair hall of the district court Tiergarten. After an admission control like at the airport the audience was allowed to enter the hallowed halls before the watchful eyes of justice officials. Once inside, amidst the impressive, the importance of justice emphasizing pompous architecture, Bolivar lost in Ticlio presented a very Latin American piece: Tango Inside Out, inspired by the surrealism of Bunuel’s L’Age d’Or.

Photo: Studioblum

Of course, it was about music. In this case, Tango, whose soul was celebrated outstandingly by the great voice of Antonia Pontis with lots of pathos, but without any kitsch. And also the bandoneon of Tato Viña touched the hearts. Of course it was also about love, despair and loneliness. A triangular relationship was underway, amid such domestic things such as preparing mate drinks or cooking macaroni.

Photo: Studioblum

Above all, the physical charms of the protagonists were set on stage pretty detailed and grandiosely staged. The audience was confronted with one’s own voyeurism, slim long legs on high heels and tight skirts pulled into the spell. Elegant, slim fit and perfect fitting suits of Latino macho men for the female audience. A feast for the senses that seemed particularly intense on this broad, steep staircase. The dancing itself was there a bit restricted, of course, but it went pretty well, and above all it was a great dealing with the complications of the heart and relationships. This is what tango is all about, whether in Buenos Aires or Moabit.

Photo: Studioblum

Vocals: Antonia Ponti
Actors and Dancers: Andrea Pani Laura, Jessica Hellmann, Yanick Wyler, David Garzón Bardua
Pianist: Marcelo Royo
Bandoneon: Tato Viña

Idea & Director: Andrea Pani Laura
Dramaturgy & Production: Sonia Ortiz


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