In July Spor Klübü was honored as one of seven project spaces by Berlin’s cultural administration for special commitment and continuous work and presented with an award of 30,000 €. And last Thursday an opening happened there:
light: look at the sun by Annika Hippler

Annika Hippler Spor Klübü Berlin Kicks

Since light art has always been my particular interest, I visited this former Turkish sports club, which probably was used by turkish men to drink the tea, play backgammon and to smoke some time ago. This time a few neatly dressed people with their kids were standing in front of the entrance on the wide sidewalk. The impression of a small family party was forced on me. Inside then darkness, in the midst of which a kind of igloo tent is built up.

The Gallery is quite small, the construction occupies almost the entire room. This is somehow a pity, because in a larger place the colorful, wavelike frequencies would be certainly more impressive. An important aspect of the art of Annika Hippler are kinetic works that make lasers visible in water with it´s natural vibrations and resonances. An interesting and certainly an impressive looking approach, but unfortunately something goes down in this way too small space.

Annika Hippler Spor Klübü Berlin Kicks

Nevertheless, who takes a look at the always interesting and steadily growing Wedding scene should visit Spor Klübü. The exhibition is open today and tomorrow and to be seen afterwards until September 06 by appointment only.

Freienwalder Straße 31
13359 Berlin

Saturday, 30.08. and Sunday, 31.08, 14:00 – 17:00
From 01.09. until 06.09. by telephone arrangement only


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